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Subscribe and Save" is a 3 month rolling subscription that puts you in control of your purchasing. Why this makes sense:


  • No packing or handling fees, no hidden costs.

  • Locked in pricing for the duration of your subscription.

  • Mix and match-- with our flexible plan you pay by the inch, so you can change your order every month to match your needs.


 The Solopreneur

Solopreneur Rubik

For Who: Perfect for a small team that needs a wide variety of springs and hardware.

How Much: ~1 Pallet Per Month.

Benefits: 10% off catalog pricing.

 The Business Owner

Rubik Icon 1
Rubik Icon 2

For Who: For companies who need to keep a variety of items in stock and who will benefit from advance planning.

How Much: ~2 Pallets Per Month.

Benefits: 10% of catalog pricing plus free shipping.

Custom Subscription

Custom Rubik Icon

For Who: Perfect for companies who need a customized solution on an ongoing basis.

How Much: Fully Custom - You Decide!

Benefits: Custom Purchasing Plan.

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